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The booking of our hunts continues for 2023 and 2024!
Please ask me a price and more info by Telegram and WhatsApp +79145421331
1. Amur brown bear baiting hunt on May 04 -10. We have 2 vacancies.
2. Amur brown bear coastal hunt on May 14 - 20. We have 4 vacancies.
3. East Siberian brown bear coastal hunt on May 22 - 31. We have 4 vacancies.
4 East Siberian brown bear coastal hunt June 03 - 14. We have 4 vacancies for 2023!
5. Himalayan black bear baiting hunt on August 01 - 05. We have 2 vacancies.
6. Okhotsk snow sheep mounting hunt on August 08 - 19. We have 2 vacancies 
7. East Siberian brown bear + caribou on August 22 - September 3 We have 2 spots opened.
8. Moose + caribou on October  11 - 20 We have 4 vacancies.
9. Amur moose + Amur brown bear on September 15 - 23
10. Okhotsk snow sheep + moose + caribou in Oktober 01 - 10 We have 2 vacancies.
We are glad to see you in Russia with new trophies

East Siberia brown bear hunt

Today, 19 years since the beginning of the company, Sergei Outfitter provides full service in hunting and fishing in the Far East. We have many victories in big games with Amur bears, East Siberian bears, snow sheep, and taimens! Welcome to the Far East of Russia for hunting and fishing! Write by call and WhatsApp and Telegram +79145421331


For hunting or fishing with us, you have to fly into Khabarovsk (KHV) via Moscow or Seoul, or Tokyo! I'll meet you at the airport and the next morning we fly to Okhotsk or Nikolaevsk on Amur by the propeller or drive to camp by jeep! 

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Sergey outfitter hunts

Spring East Siberian Brown bear hunt


Siberian taimen fishing and rafting