Combo hunt , brown bear, moose, caribou

- first day - arrival in Khabarovsk. I meet at the airport, transfer to Intourist hotel, overnight (about $ 70 per room)
- the second day - 7-00 transfer to the airport, 9-30 departure from Khabarovsk to Okhotsk by plane with a propeller with one stop. Arrival to Okhotsk. Transfer to the helipad, departure to the area of ​​hunting for the bighorn sheep.
- the third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh day of a sheep hunt.
- the eighth day return to the camp on the river, overnight.
- the ninth, tenth, eleventh, twelfth day, river rafting, fishing, bear hunting in the evening.
- The thirteenth day - return to Okhotsk on the schooner!
- the fourteenth day - departure from Okhotsk, arrival in Khabarovsk. Overnight at the hotel.
- Fifteenth day departure from Khabarovsk
Included in cost:
- helicopter and schooner rental
- Licenses for snow sheep and brown bear
- the work of the rangers 1Х1, a cook in the camp, a translator.
- rental of rifles and other equipment
- food and accommodation in the camp and in Okhotsk
The cost does not include:
- the cost of hotel and air travel Khabarovsk - Okhotsk - Khabarovsk
- strong drinks and beer (pre-ordered or brought with you)